Evgeny O. Taratukhin

Evgeny Taratukhin is a member and executive secretary of the peer review comittee and a mail-managing editor of the Journal. He is a multidisciplinary specialist with a broad scientific interests fulfilled by his thorough educational history. First field and the main point of his practical and scientific occupation is medicine - MD (2006) and PhD in cardiology (2010) with his PhD paper awarded the «Best Scientific Dissertation by Junior Scientist - 2011». Holding position of Professor Assistant since 2010 at the Department for Hospital Therapy in Pirogov’s Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU) he graduated with the B.A. in Journalistics diploma and then achieved M.A. degree in Russian Culture in Germany (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) and Master of Cultural Studies (2014). His ongoing education includes Psychology of Personality with specific focus on person-centered approach to psychotherapy.

Combination of medicine, humanities and psychology led to a multidisciplinarity in Evgeny’s practical and scientific interests that include now fields of psychocardiology and biopsychocultural approach to the Health, Healthcare and Morbidity. His ongoing research is concerned on the Self of the person facing deadly threating disease or medical procedure (e.g. coronary bypass grafting). The broader field include philosophy and psychology of culture and especially religion with psychosomatic and psychoneuroimmunological implications. As a special area of interest he explores synesthesia, experience and the sense of being as a continuum in personality living through.

Evgeny has a long experience in conduction of clinical pharmaceutical trials (since 2007) and a Good Clinical Practice certificate. He is author and co-author of more than 50 articles (including 28 in peer-reviewed journals) and of 2 monographs. He is a co-author of a handbook for practitioners and scientific editor of the reader on hospital therapy for medical students; h-index is 2. Also he published popular medical book on health and disease prevention. He has Cambridge ESOL Certificate C1 in English (reading skill - C2) and has German at the level B1; he can use russian (native) at professional level.

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