Russian Journal of Cardiology

Scientific and practical per-reviewed Russian Journal of Cardiology is currently issued since 1996. It is official journal of the Russian Society of Cardiology (RSC).

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Eugene V.Shlyakhto, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, President of RSC. FSBI «Almazov North-Western Federal Medical Research Center» of the Healthcare Ministry. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The target audience of this peer-reviewed journal is cardiologists and internal disease specialists. The journal is primarily focused on original studies, cardiac surgery, and cardiac pharmacotherapy. It also publishes lectures and literature reviews on various problems of modern cardiology, reports on new diagnostic methods, and other information which is important for the practitioners. The aim of the journal is both scientific and practical, also with referring to organizing matters of the RSC. The best of all cardiological research in Russia is submitted to Journal.

The language of publication is Russian, with contents and abstracts of all the articles presented in English. The Journal also accepts manuscripts from foreign authors and publishers them in English with abstracts in Russian.

Journal is peer-reviewed, with multistage editing. Editorial board is presented by the leading cardiologists from different cities of Russia ( ).

Journal is recommended by The Russian Highest Certifying Commission for publication of the results of Thesis for Philosophy's and Doctor's degree.

Included in Scopus. Open Access (DOAJ).

Russian Index of Scientific Citation:

SCIENCE INDEX (2017) 3,152, impact-factor (2017) 0,690.

Complete versions of all issues are published into Scientific Electronic Library (

Circulation – 7.000 copies, periodicity – 12 issues per year.

ISSN 1560-4071 (Print)

ISSN 2618-7620 (Online)

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Plan of issues of the Russian journal of cardiology for 2020

Issue / Subject/Guest Executive editor/Additional materials

  1. Acute and chronic heart failure/ Natalya A. Kosiolova (Perm)
  2. Coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction/ Albert S. Galyavich (Kazan)/ EOC recommendations on chronic coronary syndromes
  3. Arterial hypertension/ Zhanna D. Kobalava (Moscow)
  4. Diabetes/ Sergey V. Nedogoda (Volgograd)/ ESC Guidelines on diabetes mellitus
  5. Dyslipidemia/ Mikhail V. Arkhipov (Yekaterinburg)/ EOC recommendations on dyslipidemia
  6. Epidemiology and prevention/ Irina A. Trubacheva (Tomsk)
  7. Arrhythmias/ Dmitry S. Lebedev (St. Petersburg)/ EOC recommendations for supraventricular tachycardia
  8. Cardiac surgery/ Mikhail L. Gordeev (St. Petersburg)/ EOC recommendations for pulmonary embolism
  9. Congress/ Evgeny O. Taratukhin (Moscow)
  10. Cardiogenetics/ Anna A. Kostareva (St. Petersburg)
  11. Myocarditis, valvular and non-coronary diseases/ Anatoly V. Govorin (Chita)
  12. Research methods in cardiology/ Dmitry V. Duplyakov (Samara)